Where do your source your Fresh Produce?

The shortest route from ground to tummy. We source all our fresh produce from the finest quality available on the Jo'burg Fresh Produce Market. The farmers deliver to the market and we bring it to you.

We only buy for the orders that we have and don't hold stock. There is no cold chain and the only shelf life is in your home.

Can I substitute Items?
Yes you can!  Make a note in the Special Instructions section to state which items you don’t want, and if they are in the box that week, we will substitute them for something else.  Feel free to make requests.

Is it Organic?
No, we do not yet do an organic box.  The Fresh Produce is the same as you would find in any green grocer in town, only fresher.

How is it Fresher?
We have the shortest route from ground to tummy, unless you grow your own.  The farmers harvest, and deliver to the market. We buy for our orders, pack and deliver.  There is no cold storage and the only shelf life is in your home.

What is the Delivery Price?
There is no delivery charge for the greater Johannesburg area and  Midrand.  We have had to impliment a nominal delivery charge for Krugersdorp, Kempton Park, Alberton, Germiston and Pretoria.

When will my order arrive?
Currently during lockdown we are delivering on a first come, first served basis.

If I do a recurring order can I pause it for a week?
In short, yes. If you are away or have not used all the produce but have paid for 4  or 8 weeks in advance, you can pause your order.  Alternatively you can request a fortnightly delivery using the Special Instruction section.

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